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Get personal support -Live webinars

Date: November 23rd 2022
Time: 15:00 – 15:30 CEST
Language: English
Level: Beginner

Create successful product pages on Amazon
  • Important characteristics of an attractive and click-friendly product page
  • Amazon's guidelines and service offerings for creating successful product listings
  • Live Q&A with Amazon Catalogue Managers

Available at any time - ON-DEMAND WEBINARS

List products
Duration: 20 minutes
Language: Polish
  • List your products
  • Tips for optimizing the product detail page
How to start selling on Amazon.pl
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Introduction to Amazon
  • Seller Central Account Registration
  • Q&A session

Fulfilment by Amazon

Available at any time - ON-DEMAND WEBINARS

How to set up your seller account for FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Fulfilment by Amazon settings in Seller Central
  • Creating shipments to Amazon’s fulfillment centres
  • Additional settings
How to get started with FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon
Duration: 15 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Getting Started with Fulfilment by Amazon
  • Costs of selling through Fulfilment by Amazon
  • Q&A session
How to send products to an Amazon fulfilment centre
Duration: 15 minutes
Language: Polish
  • How to choose the products
  • How to create the first shipment
  • How to prepare packages or pallets

Amazon Ads webinar recordings

Learn how to increase visibility and sales with advertising

Get started with sponsored ads
Duration: 37 minutes
Language: Polish
  • How can self-service ad solutions help you reach customers?
  • The basics: What you need to know before starting
  • Live demo: Sponsored Products step-by-step campaign creation
Building your brand identity with Amazon Advertising
Duration: 22 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Why branding matters
  • Intro to branding
  • Ways to help build your brand
Introduction to bids and budgets
Duration: 32 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Budget basics
  • Auctions and cost per click model
  • Bidding basics: Campaign bidding strategies
Create and launch your Store on Amazon
Duration: 49 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Introduction to Stores
  • Dial up the impact: Tips for an engaging Store
  • Review and publish your Store
Strong products, strong ads: Pick ASINs that help improve your performance
Duration: 28 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Four essentials for advertising your products
  • Optimize your advertised products and campaigns
Amplify your reach with Sponsored Brands
Duration: 26 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Sponsored Brands: Overview
  • Sponsored Brands: Scenarios and actions
  • Stores: Overview and best practices
Measure success: Understand your campaign performance during tentpole days (and every day)
Duration: 29 minutes
Language: Polish
  • Define your goals and advertising strategy
  • Monitor your visibility and ad spend
  • Evaluate performance before and after key sales days

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