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Packshi and Hugh Butler

Packshi offers unique solutions to the problems that are popular for travelers, especially those related to packing shirts or suits. Packshi, with their assortment of smart accessories, turned out to be a universal solution on a global scale. The desire to go beyond the borders was the main reason for the decision to sell on Amazon in 2018. Today, Packshi products are sold in 10 countries in Europe. Get to know the history of Packshi, find out what Amazon services the company uses and what advice they have for entrepreneurs who want to develop their online business.
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Cozydots has created a whole line of products that can only be purchased on Amazon. They are available not only in Poland, but also in the countries of North America, Central America and all over Europe. You can watch more about how a small, Polish, ecological project was created during a maternity leave and developed into a company with an international reach.
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Amazon, as an e-commerce leader, becomes a natural place for every seller to start international sales expansion. Now Kubota sets off to conquer new markets outside of Poland. How did this come about, and what role did Amazon play in it? The co-founders of the Kubota brand talk about giving it a new life in this video.
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The Polish manufacturer of puzzles and toys has grown into a leader on the European market. Thanks to Amazon's support, Trefl does not need online stores in all markets where it sells its products - it also successfully uses the tools available on Amazon. This allows them to easily manage sales, measure the results and improve the offer on an ongoing basis.
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Thanks to the cooperation with Amazon and the use of all the programmes offered, Tapiso not only increased sales results, but also expanded the audience - even to the inhabitants of Easter Islands! Selling on Amazon also allowed to improve the standard of services provided by the company, for example by introducing fast shipping and ensuring a good quality service.
Selling Partners


Kotarbau has been selling through Amazon websites since January 2019. The first product available on the platform was garden anchors - a very unusual product that turned out to be a hit. Today the company ships 7,000 parcels per month thanks to Amazon. The store has many tools in its resources to facilitate and accelerate sales, such as Invoicing by Amazon, which generates accounting reports.
Selling Partners


Amazon puts the customer experience at the center. Candellana today uses the Fulfillment by Amazon program - it ships products to one of the company's logistics centers. From there, the candles are shipped to customers around the world, and Amazon is responsible for all logistics and customer service. On the other hand, the Sales Partner himself may focus on the development of new products.
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